The Columbia High School Music Parents Association (CHSMPA, pronounced ‘chiz-MIP-pa’) supports Columbia’s music ensembles and classes. CHSMPA serves as an advocate for music at Columbia by providing additional resources -- financial and volunteer -- to help keep our programs strong during these times of shrinking budgets.

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   NJ Model School in the Arts

  CHS 2008 GRAMMY® Signature School

  Gibson Grant Recipient


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Columbia High School Alma Mater

Oh! Columbia, thou has taught us
The path that we should tread
By thy rules of pride and honor
In our work and play we're led
In the year of life's hard struggle
We care not what's in store,
For thy motto is our motto
And our cry "Excelsior!"*

*Excelsior: More lofty; still higher; ever upward.

(From the latin excellere.)

CHS Fight Song:  Roar, Cougar, Roar

Roar, Cougar, roar
And wake the echoes of the Orange Valley
Fight on to victory evermore.
Every loyal son and daughter
Rally round Columbia, Columbia
Shouting her name forever.
Roar, Cougar, roar
Our Alma Mater praised be evermore!

Cheer, Columbia Spirit!

Cheer, Columbia spirit!
None can prevail.
Follow our colors,
They will never fail.
Rah, rah, rah,
We are not divided.
None us defy.
Our Alma Mater,
Columbia High!

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